All Headingley residents are welcome to join. Here's how -


1. Fill in these details
2. wait for 3 emails -

  1. an automatic email to say your application is pending approval.
  2. an automatic email to say your account has been activated. This contains a one-time login so you can set a password yourself. [You don't need to bother if you are going to accept the defalt invitation in step 3.]
  3. an automatic email inviting you to the email list for your area - either Chat (for the whole of Headingley) or Triangle (for the Cardigan Triangle).

3. In your email software, Click Reply and Send. You are now subscribed to that one email list.


You are welcome to join either mailing list or both. Change your settings by loggin in at

You can log in to the site any time and change your preferences. You will need your password for this.