How to ...

How it works

This web site shows your residents' mailing lists in one place so you can control them.
You have to Register to get access. To keep spammers out, applications are filtered by a volunteer, who is also a Headingley resident.

How to send an email to all subscribers of a list

When you are subscribed you can send ordinary emails to the list address. These are copied to all subscribers.

How to reply to all subscribers

In your email software, click Reply. A new window will open. If you check the To: field you will see it is filled with the list address.

How to send your reply to only the original sender.

Look at the headers of the incoming email to find the original sender's email address.

How to get a new password

Use Request a new password. This will give you a one-time login link so you can set a new password.

How to change your mailing list settings

Log in and use the Mailing Lists link in the menu on the right.

How to remove your data

You can do this yourself - log in and edit your user account. At the bottom it gives you an option to Delete. Or you can use the Contact form and ask for admins to remove all your data.