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This site links local people up, in local networks. If you are new to the area, or just new to headingley.org, you are welcome at all Upcoming Events and Activities.

Lots of different people live in Headingley. Generally speaking, the longer someone stays, the more likely they are to find themselves contributing to community life. They may send their children to our schools or children's activities. They may teach at one of our community centres. They may be organising one of our festivals, or helping to run a residents' group. They may be growing on an allotment, or volunteering for Headingley Network or Headingley Development Trust.

If you are such a person, this web site is here to help you reach a wide audience. Its free to use - become a member and wait for your account to be activated. Then you can put your own activities on-line, free of charge. This web site started in 2001, yet all the time there are new activities becoming visible. They were happening all along, but before the web, it took ages for people to hear about them. Maybe a community is an infinite thing, in which case we will never reach our aim of showing every single community activity. Please see the other aims of the site.

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