Looking for a Young Woman from the 1940s

I have been scanning my late mother’s photo albums. Among them is one that belonged to her brother, Douglas Gordon Rathwell. He was born in Lachine, Quebec, Canada in 1922 and served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a navigator. He was stationed at Croft Air Field  during WWII and was killed six weeks before the end of the war.


Among the many photographs (all taken in England) in Doug’s album are several of him with a young woman. On the back of one of them is written ‘Mr. And Mrs. C. H. Ward, 16 Langdale Gardens, Headingley, Leeds’. I believe this was Charles Herbert Ward, married to Mary Dagmar Read. Charles and Mary weren't married until 1933 so I doubt the young woman was their daughter.


I have looked at the photographs in my uncle’s album many times, but it was only recently that I removed them to be scanned and noticed the address on the back of one of them. The photos have always saddened me as I know the devastating effect his death had on his family. He was my grandparent’s only son and my mother’s only sibling. I have wondered for many years about the young woman who figured so prominently in so many of the photos. I have attached one of the photos.


I am hoping that someone can help me identify this young woman. Thank you for any help you might offer me.  Susan Peberdy