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​Hi Jonathon, can you tell me more about the cheap parking near the market?
That sounds like a great idea but I've not heard of it. I'd happily spread
the word If I knew the prices involved and what people need to do to get a
Jane Clifford

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> Morning all,
> Perhaps I can help with a few bits of info, as I?m the Councillor with
> the Market within my portfolio! I?ve had the job for about a year now and
> there have been huge changes over the past year alone, even more the past
> 10.
> When you look at footfall at the market (while not the best metric of
> traders? success it is one of the few ones that we can tangibly measure) ?
> there has been a steady decline over the past ten years, bottoming out
> during the redevelopment of Victoria Gate, and now beginning to start
> climbing up again. (the graph looks like a backwards tick)
> This decline over time can be down to many things, a few already
> mentioned, but increased use of supermarkets and online delivery service,
> changing shopping habits, a few traders retiring who brought in a lot of
> trade etc. Whatever the reason for the decline, we are as a council
> investing heavily in the market to try and build on and continue to
> increase in trade we are now seeing.
> A huge amount a money went into the refurbishment for the event space, and
> we are in the process of working out what works there and what doesn?t. We
> regularly speak to traders to see which events there bring in the sort of
> footfall where they?ll also spend money in the market.
> We?re also offering all traders training with use of social media to try
> and bring new audiences to the market ? bluebird bakery makes particularly
> good use of an online presence, they?re relatively new, and if you haven?t
> been yet I would definitely recommend!
> We?re promoting more an offer of much cheaper parking at the NCP next door
> when you spend ?5 on any stall ? and currently investigating whether a 1hr
> short term car park in the ponderosa area is possible (but this is far from
> confirmed).
> We?ve also invested a huge amount of money in increased security for a the
> market to tackle any anti-social behaviour, and having spoken to many
> traders this has made a huge difference in the past few months alone.
> Also, without going into too many financial details, we have reduced the
> rent of stalls while we work to increase footfall.
> In addition to this we?re started daily walkabouts from officers to check
> in with every stall every day to both pick up issues from traders, but also
> to ensure that the market as a while is clean, tidy and presentable.
> Ultimately though, the council can invest all the money it has in the
> market ? but unless people, and increasing numbers of people go and shop
> there we will lose it. There has been so much time put in from myself and
> senior officers to try and improve the market ? we are far from there yet,
> but I feel we are now on the right track after years of decline ? but
> please do use it or it?ll go and there really is some fantastic produce
> there!
> Happy to answer any questions on any specifics ?
> Best wishes,
> Jonathan
> Councillor Jonathan Pryor - Headingley Ward
> Deputy Executive Member for Children and Families
> Leeds City Council

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