Art at Heart Sue Gamson / Sue Hudson

Event date: 
Mon, 10/07/2017 - 9:00am

Today is the halfway mark of this Exhibition

Remember the Sales of Cards and weavingswill go to the Martin House Charity. Cards on sale at Heart reception.

Sue Gamson - Sue Hudson

Born in Sutton Coldfield Sue went via the local Art College to a Degree Course at Liverpool College of Art studying textiles. Photography as you will see was always been a passion for her, following on from her father's interest.

Afrer graduating she worked in London for the Queen's embroiderer, Mary Quant, Marshal Cavendish for Golden Hands and Nigel Lofthouse making fashion handbags.

Sue moved to Leeds to volunteer for Interplay a drama based company working in poorer areas of Leeds and also completed her PGCE; Sue then taught art at Pudsey Grammar School until 1982 when her son Kim was born .

After that she continued designing for individual people, firms, schools etc in her "Just Wright" company. in the late 80's and into the 90's she worked in a weaving group at Swarthmore with Sue Lawty and then Meira Stockill producing a number of tapestry weavings.

Her longest lasting piece of work was an annual card for Christmas.

This exhibition is a collection of some of her works.

Alzheimer's cut short her artistic activity and she died aged 65 in 2015.

Heart - Ground Floor Gallery