headingley.org runs email networks for Headingley residents. It is run by volunteers who are residents.

Many thousands of supportive and positive messages have been exchanged since 2004. Our aim is community self-reliance so asking for, and offering, help is welcome.

Our email networks support relationships in the real world, so residents register with their real names. Messages are not displayed to non-members.

We have 2 email networks -

  • Chat for the whole of Headingley
  • Triangle for the Cardigan Triangle area

The aim is to increase community resilience. When residents interact and support each other, in daily life, we discover interconnections within our community. This has all sorts of benefits.

We take a clear ethical position on certain matters. We are in favour of civic space and free sharing. We are against the commodification of public assets for the purposes of private profit. For further information please see -

headingley.org started its first mailing list for residents in 2004.

headingley.org is financially supported by Headingley Network.